Health Insurance

There are 2 broad types of Health insurance policies available.

Group Health Insurance policy

Coverage is provided for small (2 to 50 employees) or large groups (Above 50 employees). This coverage is for the entire group and the employer applies for this type of policy on behalf of the employees.

Individual Health Insurance

Coverage provided for individuals or families. Within Individual Health Insurance, there are 3 different types of policies (Products) available viz.

  • Traditional Health Insurance
  • Short Term Medical Insurance
  • Dental insurance

Our Agency has provided coverage to hundreds of customers over the years spread across Texas including but not limited to Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano, Arlington, Grapevine, Mckinney, Garland, Austin, Round Rock, San Antonio, Houston, Woodlands Katy, Sugarland, Abilene.

Some of the companies that we represent providing this coverage are :Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Aetna, Humana, Cigna, United Health Care.

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Note : Information provided here is for general information purposes only. Please refer to your policy contact your agent for specific questions regarding coverage.

Common Questions Answered

  • 1
    Health Insurance: Common Questions answered
    The typical health insurance policies cover typically the medical expenses related to hospitalization, Lab & X-Ray, Prescription drugs and doctor’s visits. These are what are generally referred to as major medical insurance policies.
  • 2
    What information is generally needed in order to purchase Health insurance?
    The most common information that is required to buy life insurance policy is as follows.
    • Name of the insured
    • Insured’s Address
    • Date of birth, gender of the insured
    • Height & Weight details of the insured
    • As part of the health insurance application process the insured needs to answer health questions and may need to undergo a medical test.
  • 3
    What factors affect the premiums that insured’s pay for health insurance?
    • Age of the insured
    • Gender
    • Health status
    • Smoker or Non smoker
  • 4
    What are the different types of health insurance plans available?
    HMO, PPO, HSA are the typical plans available these days. Most health insurance companies have a network of medical providers that they maintain. Within the network the health insurance companies are able to provide negotiated contractual rates to the individuals and are thus able to control the cost of healthcare. Going outside of the network can mean the insured paying more out of his or her pocket towards their healthcare costs. Other than the major medical plans there are also some ancillary health care insurance products that are commonly available. Dental insurance, Eye care plans, Critical illness plans, Hospital plans, Cancer benefit plans are some such plans. Dental & Eye care plans are quite commonly available and understood. The critical illness plans typically pay cash benefits if the insured suffers from illnesses such as Heart attack, Heart transplant as a result of heart failure, Stroke , Coronary artery bypass surgery, Coverage for cancer ,Major organ transplant, other than heart , End-stage renal failure, Loss of speech or vision, Coma, excluding vascular and cancer conditions, Permanent paralysis due to an accident. The hospital plans typically pays cash to the beneficiary named on the policy hospital confinement, outpatient surgery, and emergency room visits for a covered sickness or injury for the covered individual. The cash can be used however the beneficiary wants to spend it and does not have to used to pay the healthcare expenses.